Sunday, May 22, 2011


Brenda Reeves Sturgis

NOTHING stays the same for long.
Not a season
not a second
not a sound.
Everything propels forward.
Sometimes slowly
sometimes quickly.
Time creeps like pouncy cat paws.
The sun sets in a different place
A minuscule about
A teeny tiny smidgen.
You must train your eye
to see the changes in life.
Pregnancies progress
babies are born
People live
and people die.
NOTHING stays the same forever.
Embrace the change
and jump in the middle of the hula hoop
circle your hips
while juggling spinning seasons.
Move forward
Never looking back
At the very least
do not dwell for too long
on the championship game
that was won 30 years ago
with the 3-pointer as the buzzer blared.
Or the crown that you wore
as homecoming queen.
Our minds
and hearts
are meant to enjoy sunsets
the dewy silky spiderwebs.
EMBRACE them for what they are.
A gift for today.
For tonight
For tomorrow.
Accept and unwrap
The presents of presence
wherever you go
wherever you are.
EMBRACE the change,
and move forward
one baby step at a time.

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