Sunday, March 27, 2011

Maple Syrup Sunday 4 Sap Houses!

A whole YEAR has gone by since the last Maple Syrup Sunday, and today is the day. Hope springs eternal in each house that we visited, the new babies wide-eyed, the toddlers teething, the crowds, young and old squished into sap houses to experience this one moment together.

Long lines out the doors, snaked around corners, coated crowds huddled on hayrides and eating hotdogs. The first sap house, (we visited 4 this year) pancake-stuffed-people patiently waiting for their fill. We bought, maple fudge, and of course, maple walunut fudge, INCREDIBLE!

Then off to sap house #2, Stacie said theirs was better than the first, and their icecream was yummier also. Maple syrup drizzled, swimming in vanilla icecream. We purchased maple cotton candy there, it was like eating a cloud. Maple covered peanuts, and maple cream for pretzel dipping.

The third sap house was hosting a video taping. We made our way inside with the throngs of people, so many people! Teachers and students, and old friends and new. We bought a maple candy cane.

Sap house number 4 was too overpopulated, couldn't even get near it, so we'll go back, and maybe we'll buy the maple syrup there.

Memories! It's all good!

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