Thursday, October 28, 2010


Braedyn Blake is 7 years old, and Braedyn Blake has Leukemia. When I heard about this little girl I decided I had to do something to help, and so I am spearheading a book campaign to send books to Braedyn as she battles this disease.

Braedyn has already undergone several spinal taps and at least 2 rounds of chemo. From what I have read she will be undergoing chemo for 2 years. I thought..."What do kids this age love?"

They love to get mail.
And they love books.

So, A Book for Braedyn was born. It is my hope that Braedyn will recieve at least one new book per week as she fights this battle. Books have a way of making everything better, and the thoughts of seeing her little face light up when the postman goes with deliveries makes me smile, and I hope it will make you smile too.

Please won't you join me in sending a book for Braedyn? You can friend me on facebook, you can join Team Braedyn for updates, you can send a book. Please e-mail me and I will let you know what has already been sent, and please let me know what you will be sending so that I can keep track to avoid duplicates.

You can e-mail me privately for Braedyn's address.


Brenda Sturgis


Stephanie Blake said...

Thank you so much, B. Love you.

Anonymous said...

This is Zack Blake, Braedyn's dad. Thank you all so much for thinking of my little sweetie. She is so strong and remaining very positive. We have not had a ton of time to read just yet but she has a blood transfusion today that will take about 4 hours and plan to read some of the books tonight. She has 2 different Facebook pages called Team Braedyn that you can follow for updates. Thank you again for you kindness.