Monday, February 15, 2010

Gearing up for 10 Turkeys in the Road

10 Turkeys in the Road will be released in 2011, and I am starting to gear up for it's release. It is exciting to think about a launch party. Book signings, and blog tours.

Maybe a circus, dressed up in turkey costumes, serving turkey hot dogs. Lots of balloons, and juggling. The ideas are endless and everything is a possibility.

Receiving my first book acceptance has been a dream, and my editor Robin Benjamin has helped me and informed me along every step. I am grateful for the people that I have met along the way.

Rutgers University Council of Children's Literature played an integral part matching this manuscript with publisher Margery Cuyler.

Keep checking in for more art and updates.

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WordWrangler said...

congratulations, Brenda! This is indeed an exciting journey! I can hardly wait to buy my own copy. You know you'll have to sign it, right? :)